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The Kenyan Dawa Cocktail  

Feastt Editor | January 9, 2016

Dawa is and definitely will always be an old classic Kenyan cocktail. This is made up of a blend of vodka, lime juice as well as honey garnished along with a lime wheel and also a ‘Dawa Stick’ in order to stir up the honey. Typically called Dawa, that is based on the Swahili word which means “Medicine”, it makes for a refreshing cocktail which will treat no matter what ails you.

Regardless if you are after having a delicious sun downer, a refreshing drink over a very hot afternoon, a glass or two following a exhausting day, or perhaps a social drink, Dawa is the cocktail to drink. The simplicity of all the ingredients in Dawa is definitely will make you really feel better.

The recipe is based upon the renowned Brazilian drink which was brought to Kenya. Now it is among the most broadly drank cocktail in Kenya and it has spread all through North and South Africa (particularly in touristy regions). So here’s how to make yours.

You will need to muddle your drink for this recipe. If you are looking for the best quality bar accessories South Africa has to offer check out Beaumont. they have muddlers, ice crushers, stirrers and anything else you might need to make delicious cocktails.


2 oz of vodka

1 tbsp of brown sugar

1 tbsp of honey

Crushed ice

1 lime, slice into chunks, and also lime wheel garnish

1 lime, quartered and then slice into pieces, also lime wheel garnish Ice


  1. To a rocks glass put lime chunks, sugar and honey.
  2. Muddle merely enough to produce the lime juice and blend along with the honey and sugar, but not a lot that can mash the pith (which will give a bitter taste).
  3. Then add crushed ice, next the vodka and stir to mix ingredients and lift up the lime through the bottom of the glass. Put even more ice till the glass is full, then garnish using a lime wheel.
  4. Serve and enjoy
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Easy and Scrumptious Home Piña Colada  

Feastt Editor | January 9, 2016


The Piña Colada is actually an old style tropical cocktail that includes rum, pineapple as well as coconut milk. This traditional recipe will certainly take you to heaven. Having caught in the rain isn’t required. On the old-style recipe for this common drink, the coconut cream will need to have the perfect consistency, a few choose the alternative, coconut milk to be very thin, but you could add condensed milk to coconut milk to lift up its thickness. Add more pineapple juice when preferred.

The piña colada is actually a sweet and delicious cocktail which can be blended, frozen, or blended with ice, according to your choice. The piña colada has become the official drink of Puerto Rico since the year 1978, however you can take advantage of this tropical beverage through the conveniences of your very own home. If you would like learn how to make it, simply follow these methods.


2 ounces Coconut milk

2 ounces Fresh Pineapple juice

1.5 ounce Light or gold rum

For the Garnish:

Pineapple wedge


Glass: Hurricane


In order to make your Piña Colada, combine all of the ingredients into a shaker and then fill up with ice.

Shake, and strain right into a Hurricane glass full of fresh ice.

(Also you can mix all of the ingredients along with smashed ice instead.) Garnish using a cherry as well as a pineapple wedge.

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