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Immune Boosting Instant Porridge

feastt_admin | November 21, 2017


At Feastt healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is everything to us. In Africa there are many immune deficiency diseases that affect the population and work force which has a detrimental effect on Africa‘s growth. The cost of trying to eat a healthy balanced diet is also high for the general population so we love ideas and products that help boost the immune system and is cost effective.

Nhlayisa’s Instant Porridge is a fantastic product that is cheap, easy to use and very popular.

Instant Porridge Immune Boosting

It is so easy to make:

What do you need?

  1. Nhlayisa Power Supply Porridge
  2. Water or Milk
  3. A Bowl
  4. Spoon

First fill the bowl with you choice of hot or cold milk or water, the powdered porridge is going to sock this up so don’t be shy. Different people prefer a different thickness of the instant porridge and you will be able to add more milk or porridge to get it to the consistency that you desire.

Next start adding the powdered porridge to the bowl. At regular intervals stop to stir and mix in the porridge. Either add more porridge or liquid to the mixture to get the desired thickness.

There is no need to add a sweetener to the porridge but you can add sugar or honey is you wish. Honey is a healthier option.

Now just taste and enjoy. Instant porridge is a fantastic way to boost your immune system by having a bowl or two a day. We know you enjoy it and feel healthier and stronger in just a few weeks.



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